We Are Nested Loops

Kahlil Lechelt
May 17, 2017 · 2 min read

JSConf EU came back this year with a bang and we were asked to open the conference again with a new performance. Martin Schuhfuss joined us to control the lights via CSS (wat?). This is what we did:

This time we also gave a talk about how we did it all which was quite fun:

It was really quite hard work to get it all done this year because of various babies and just really busy lives in general.

I think it is really awesome that Jan was able to take the software he wrote last time, refine it (a lot!) and actually make a desktop app out of it with Electron.

Huge credit goes to Boris for building one wicked instrumental completely from scratch and for arranging the final video snippets on the instrumental hilariously and beautifully.

❤️s and hugs go out to Sarah who made our new amazing T-Shirt designs.

Major 👏 goes to Martin for his mind-bending CSS-driven light show as well as his portion of our talk on how he did it. You could literally hear peoples heads exploding.

Huge big ups to the sound, lights and video visualization crews at the conf. Super profesh and super nice!

My contributions this and last time was all about choosing JavaScript talks, cutting out bits we could use and arranging them, arranging them again and then again. And I wrote my lyrics and performed them live.

🙏 for all the wonderful feedback we have received. We had a blast doing it. Thanks to Malte Ubl and the rest of JSConf EU org for giving us the opportunity!

Kahlil Lechelt

Written by

JavaScript developer. http://kahlillechelt.com

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