By the Pier

On the scenic bus ride from Doolin to Galway, I sit against the window as my music plays softly, lulling me to sleep ~Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay~ We stop for lunch and dessert. I’m now sitting by the pier, notebook in hand. As I gaze at the water outside of Tea & Garden Rooms, two sailboats are tied to the dock and tangled in seaweed. The salty smell mixed with the faint aroma of carrot cake and other savory sweets sparks an interesting sensation. Tiny huts line the beach town, and odd, crow-like birds hop along the edge of the pier closest to the roadside. Even when the green isn’t present in the grass or trees, the moss on the rocks reveals a pretty lime color. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my dark jeans, but at the same time the light breeze gives me goose bumps. All I can hear are the birds calling and light laughter in the distance — until a car or bus rolls by, disrupting the silence. I have left behind memories of city life in Dublin and Cork, but I have also dwelled in the beautiful countryside of Doolin. On to Galway…

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