The Atlantic View

The tiny, charming village of Doolin is located on the northwest coast of County Clare on Ireland’s Atlantic Way. It is surrounded by the limestone landscape of the Burren, and the Cliffs of Moher can be explored by boat from Doolin’s pier. The beauty found in the crashing waves and the blissful landscape resonated with me as I trekked along the rocks in my muddy Converse. Although the choice of footwear was lacking, I intended to climb every rock and peer into every crevice in order to fully experience the environment around me.

As I was with friends and enjoying the sunny day, it was easy for me to let go and smell the salty sea while snapping pictures and listening to laughter muffled by the breeze. One of the friends who joined me to witness the Atlantic view was Meghann. Meghann is a practical and fun yet *motherly* figure who has helped out many along our journey. Her inclusion of Walt, a spontaneous group member, is important to note, as he has previously jumped off bridges in Cork.

It’s sunny, nice, and I’m feeling relaxed.

I smell the saltiness of the ocean and the smell of cows — an odd combination.

The Atlantic waters crash against the rocks.

It’s nice not having a care in the world right now.

I could stay here for days, feeling the wind in my hair.

I just witnessed Walt jump off the pier into the jellyfish and deep, blue sea.

-Meghann Haney

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