Willie Clancy Festival

Miltown Malbay’s local musicians, singers, and dancers are celebrated during Willie Clancy Week in County Clare. The yearly Irish music festival is in honor of a deceased local performer who contributed much to the area. Willie could play pipes, the whistle, sing, and tell stories. As my friend Eryn is a music lover with a lot of spunk and pizzazz, she is great to accompany during any sort of festival. She loves jamming out to seventies music, and she is great ‘craic.’

Faint old book smell, kind of nice.

I’m tasting Bulmers.

Dark atmosphere, very rustic, with lots of deep colors.

Fake stones painted on,

walls decorated with Irish keepsakes.

Antique, classic vintage signs but also new stuff like jerseys.

Traditional Celtic gear.

I’m hearing Irish music on the dance floor.

Little bits of conversation here and there.

Music playing but voices mixed with the sound of the music,

adding to the community spending time together.

-Eryn Mann

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