On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Well done. Thank you for writing this.

I was at the Colorado Democratic State Convention last Saturday where crowds of Bernie supporters stomped their feet, booed, and chanted “Change your vote!” at Senator Michael Bennet throughout his entire speech, while his children stood on stage with him. They held up signs demanding that we ‘dump’ him as a Senator solely because he is a superdelegate voting for Hillary Clinton despite the fact that currently the state is about 60–40 for Bernie. A Bernie-or-Bust supporter (he says he’ll vote for the Green Party if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination) sitting in front of me shouted, red in the face, that if Trump is elected that it is my fault because I “picked the wrong candidate”.

Even when I talk to many other Hillary supporters, they insist (somewhat self-protectively) that they LIKE Bernie, they just want to vote for Hillary because they think she has a better chance of getting elected. All but two of my friends are pro-Bernie, and it adds more and more pressure to claim that I like Bernie just fine, in order to soften or excuse my support of Hillary. But I don’t like Bernie. I don’t like him as a candidate and as his campaign has gone on, I find it impossible to like him as a person. It’s gotten to the point where I simply can’t stand the sight of him. I can’t stand listening to him. I can’t stand the cult of personality that’s sprung up around him. I can’t stand that even the word ‘revolution’ has been so completely co-opted by his campaign that seeing or reading it makes me twitch.

His campaign is grotesque, and you’ve outlined very clearly why. The only things missing are takedowns of his campaign’s shady downloading of Hillary’s voter records information (and their disingenuous claims that they were “just trying to help” followed by a tantrum that they were punished in any way) and the way he and his campaign and surrogates have spun his visit to Rome, claiming it was non-political while using $300,000 from campaign donations. Again, thank you for writing this. I’ve shared it on Twitter. I can’t pretend that I “like” Bernie anymore because he is careening the Democratic Party (and potentially the nation) into disastrous territory, and if my friends shun me for that, then they aren’t my friends.

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