You may have heard somebody mention React Fibers recently, and even more recently that Suspense lets you use async functions with React. Read on for a dive into what an async function is, and what they have to do with Fibers!


In 2017, JavaScript gained the async/await syntax, on top of 2015’s generator functions (function*/yield). This section explores what these language features do, and how they relate to React’s rendering model.

Function Calls

Let’s take a step back and discuss normal function calls. …

tl;dr: If you’re building a React app (or a framework) and want to achieve faster re-rendering on state updates, make sure to look at how Redux uses unstable_batchedUpdates from the react-dom package.

Over the last few months we’ve been working on a state management framework for React. One of the things we were hoping to gain by using immer.js internally was improved performance due to more selective re-rendering, especially when updating state that affected a small number of components. Our initial benchmark was a visualization of a prime sieve up to 10,000:

Screenshot of the prime sieve benchmark

Initially, we were sort-of right. The Prodo version…

Kai Wohlfahrt

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