‘Pure Contradiction’ by Suji Park

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South Korean photographer Suji Park was born in 1989, works between Korea and France. Here is her ‘Pure Contradiction’ series of work which inspired by German-language poets written by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Rose, oh pure contradiction, delight
of being no one’s sleep under so
many lids.
 — Rainer Maria Rilke, Pure contradiction.

“Pure contradiction” is the self-composed epitaph of Rainer Maria Rilke who is one of the greatest German-language poets. There is a myth about his death and roses: “An Egyptian woman visited him a few months before his death. While he picked roses for her from his garden, he pricked his hand on rose thorn. It is said that this caused his death.” In fact, however, it is more likely that he had already suffered from leukemia at that time. This series “pure contradiction” was inspired by this story; furthermore, it is dedicated to the great poet whose life and works have been infinite sources of inspirations for her photography.

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南韓攝影師 Suji Park 生於 1989 年,來往工作於韓國與法國。這裡是她的 ‘Pure Contradiction’ 系列作品,受到德語詩人 Rainer Maria Rilke 的作品啟發而創作出來的。
‘Pure Contradiction — 純矛盾’ 是德語詩人 Rainer Maria Rilke 為自己所撰寫的墓誌銘,在他死前一個月一位埃及婦女來拜訪他,當他從自己的花園摘下一朵玫瑰送給她時,手被刺傷,而據說這是導致他死亡的原因。然而實際上可能是因為他當時已經患有白血病了。這系列攝影作品靈感來源就是 ‘Pure Contradiction’,其實所有偉大的詩作都是她的靈感來源。
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