Bridal and luxury treatments at Bali Spa

It is very important to look the best on your wedding day. We understand this need have brought for you some great Luxury Day Spa at Bali.


Hydration of damaged skin and removal of dead skin is the specialty of your naturally homemade complete organic exfoliates. Sea salt available at northern shores of Bali are known to have traces of rich minerals that helps to get vibrant, textured and healthy tone on your skin.

Different body scrubs available with us -

• For soothing and detoxifying — Green Tea body scrub

• For purifying and cleansing — Rosemary and Seaweed Body Scrub

• For rejuvenating and refreshing — Ginger and Kaffir Lime Body Scrub

• For moisturizing and uplifting — Vanilla Bean and Coconut Body Scrub

• For invigorating and revitalizing — Orange and Chocolate Body Scrub

Organic Aloe Vera Body Wrap -

Synthesis and strengthening of the skin can be done by supplying it with great amount of oxygen. Aloe Vera has good oxygen content for this use. When combined with probiotic yogurt, and essential oils, the made body wrap intensely detoxifies, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Softness and suppleness of the skin is thus restored back. They are best body wraps for sun damage skin.

Volcanic Body Mask -

Mud collected from the volcanic slopes of the Bali is used for making this rich body mask. Removal of heavy metal toxins and other pollutants is done by this body mask. It nourishes the skin and restores back its normal Ph. It also smoothens the skin as it is mixed with Jojoba oil.

Face Treatments at Bridal Spa Bali

On the big day, it is extremely important to have youthful and supple skin. At your Bali spa we provide exclusive face treatments to make you skin brighter and young.

Collagen Induction Therapy -

Skin’s natural healing response is triggered by the micro — needling. This therapy promotes collagen synthesis and thus reducing the ageing signs on the skin. Needling also allows maximum entry of serum in the pores making the skin supple and hydrated. This therapy relieves the stress, heals the damaged skin and make it luminous and bright. Texture of the skin is improved and the size of the pore are also reduced by this therapy.

Stem Cell Technology Facilitated Oxygen Facial -

Oxygen is most important component for repair and regeneration of skin by various metabolic processes. With skin loses the ability to use oxygen for its repair and maintenance process. Replenishing the skin oxygen is the basic idea of this oxygen facial. Oxygen level in the dermis layers is increased via this facial thus making your skin younger and fresh looking.

Along the oxygen sprays, serum is also infused in the body. Serum infused is rich in minerals, nutrients and stem cell. Stem cells help to protect and restructure the skin. It also prevents ageing of the skin. New cell generation of the epidermis layer is stimulated by the stem cells and oxygen provides hydrates and stiffs the skin leaving a wrinkle free smooth skin.

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Looking for a Best Spa in Bali? On the big day, it is extremely important to have youthful and supple skin. At your Bali Spa we provide exclusive face treatments to make you skin brighter and young.

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