Devoured this piece, thank you.
David Edward Lane

Hey Robin and David, fear for personal safety is indeed a big thing. Just got back to Paris from a vacation at at our lovely house in Spain (Moraira, near Valencia). What used to be a small fishing village when we first stayed there 45 years ago (under Franco!) has become a still lovely but seriously crazy unsustainable suburban hive of personal villas each with their pool and car and roads to service them. What should be a super walkable and bikable (though hilly) area has become almost unlivable without a car, and a bit dangerous to walk around in and bike, especially at night. I ride my bike there, dream of having a little pedelec assistance on those hills, and strap as many lights as I can to myself so I look like a Xmas tree. But most people just call me crazy as they drive by in their SUVs. I’m not the crazy one, dammit!! ;-)

La Cumbre del Sol (translation: the Summit of Unsustainability)
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