Punctus Exclamativus “Exclamation” Mark: a Biography

Kai Takahashi
2 min readJul 6, 2016

The peppiest and youngest of the Marks, Exclamation — born Punctus Exclamativus in the 14th century — was hard to control as a child. Loud and tone-deaf, it attracted many a stern look from passersby. Many parents attacked it for taking away opportunities from their Words, speaking for them and overshadowing them, not letting them express themselves fully.

Shunned, Exclamation found a home in the Comic Book Community Center, where misfits and superheroes embraced its vivacity and helped tap into its full potential. Exclamation became multifaceted defense lawyer, able to represent anyone with passion: Shouts, Commands, Greetings, Shock, Jokes and Profanities.

With the advent of the Internet, Exclamation grew in popularity, for better or worse. Exclamation was more quickly accepted by women, who continue to use it more frequently than men. Women channeled its ebullience into a message of sincerity.

Exclamation had many children, who love it so much that they cling very closely. Often when you see Exclamation, you also see many of its children following right behind. Always one to be criticized, Exclamation takes flak for bringing its children seemingly everywhere with it.

It developed a tempestuous, passionate relationship with All Caps. Sometimes, the two appear together at comedy shows (often with many children), drunk with laughter and happiness, sometimes to the point of tears. Other times, the two violently bicker (often in front of the children), which creates an unfriendly and malicious environment.

Exclamation, when appearing alone, has become quite pleasant and sincere, though occasionally is still viewed by others as too intense. It has taken many appearances away from its older sibling Period: when people want to be happy, friendly, or emphatic.

People can get rather sick of Exclamation when it hangs around a lot. They often ask Period to hang out nearby, to keep Exclamation in check and not relive its wilder days.