JLP, I fought cancer twice before the age of 21 and spent my university years struggling to reclaim…
Patrick Wiltse

This is an interesting response. You didn’t address what I said, but you did get hostile. No, you’re not obligated to justify yourself — but you posted your ideas, you put yourself out there, and you seem to enjoy people telling you that you’ve written something good.

Of course there are going to be people who disagree. You got to go to University. You got healthy. You live in a wonderful place in a free country. You’re a nice looking white guy living in a world that gives lots of privileges to nice looking white guys. You are apparently healthy right now. You have means and resources.

Do you really not understand that your experience differs from the vast majority of people out there?

Do you not have room for acknowledgement of that?

From your hostile response to me, I’ll have to assume that the answers are no and no.

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