What The Hell Are We Going To Do About The Boomers?
Bernie Bleske

What an incredibly unkind and misleading article painted with an obscenely broad brush.

The issue isn’t the boomers, it’s the lack of connection and overall structure of our society now. The deep resentment that echoes in everything you’ve said here is disturbing. You too will get older, and I hope for your sake that your relatives, children and friends have more patience and kindness for you, than you have for your older family members.

I was born on the very cusp of the boomer generation, I don’t see myself in any of that — I don’t doubt that it’s your experience, but the remedy for it isn’t “what the hell are we going to do with” these people, it’s more what are we going to do as a society in general to address the loneliness and lack of direction/connection that older people experience.

How can we make people’s lives more vital and meaningful? Better medical care, much better food (there is so much preventable illness due to the standard American diet, including earlier onset Alzheimer's) exercise, continued connection to other people, and more. There’s a reason your relatives get drunk and call; they’re lonely. There’s a reason they fill their cupboards with “crap” — I feel so much sorrow for the person in that situation and you? You feel only contempt and irritation.

Your “little rant” boils down to this; why haven’t these people died off, they did some things I disagree with and because of that I feel justified in not wanting to take care of them. They’ve had their time and they annoy me now, and so, rather than try to solve the bigger problems (that you too will face) I’m going to bask in righteous anger and talk about how an entire generation should just go and die.

I paused for a moment to reread your article and I find myself even more irritated. There are childish people in every generation — where does this need to cast blame on a specific group while absolving yourself of the responsibility for any of it come from? Do we blame millennials who refused to vote for Clinton because they found her out of step and distasteful? According to you, it’s the Boomers who landed us with Trump but I didn’t vote for him and I don’t know anyone of my generation who did. I do, however, know some people in their 20s who voted for Trump because they believed that having someone that unqualified would hasten the demise of our current system. I would have voted for Sanders, but he wasn’t an option. I didn’t sit home in a fit of pique nor did I vote for Trump as a “protest.” Our system needs work but when it came down to Trump vs Clinton, I voted for the person who was qualified even if she wouldn’t have been my ideal choice. That’s what an adult does — and yet, you want to blame my generation rather than those 20 years younger than me who didn’t vote or voted out of protest?

I’ve already gone on longer than I intended to and I don’t expect that anything I’ve said will cause you to alter your perspective.