There’s currently a disconnect between the topics we’re discussing as designers and the advances that will be available to us in the future. We’ve come a long way in terms of web technologies. Only a decade ago, the World Wide Web was starting to take off, led by the internet giants AOL and Yahoo!. Today, the internet is part of our every day lives, being accessed from an endless number of different devices. We’re now able to stand in front of essentially a webcam and control a video game character using our body movements. This aggressive trend of technological advancement means that we’re now able to communicate with the entire world on a completely different scale, using methods never dreamed of. …

Most of my friends are not designers. In their minds, a designer takes an ugly website and “prettifies” it. When I take the time to try and explain concepts of user experience to them, I mostly receive blank stares, usually followed by a soft mutter of “Well, that’s common sense.” …


Kai Huang

Technical Product Manager at Cogility. View my portfolio and blog at https://www.kaihuang.me

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