Ideas For Service Learning

Live, Learn, and Serve.

My idea for service learning is to serve in an organization where I can learn different aspects of the community that I am serving and able to meet people of different cultures as well as learning how to network. Networking is a good advantage to have because it helps when someone has a source to rely on when looking for a job in their specific career. I hope to gain networking sources that will allow me to look into different options for my future and also to make strong connections that will last forever.

Networking helps make good connections that will help in the future.

I also hope to make a difference in the community that I am serving. My goal for undertaking service learning to gain the skills needed to accomplish the goals needed to make the community flourish for both the individuals and the organizers. The thing about service learning is that both the organization and the volunteers must be willing to provide the service that they want to give to the individuals that require service. I believe that I am willing to do what it takes to ensure that I give what I can to the community of my service and gain new skills and experience prior to my service learning.

Bringing people together should be the main focus of service learning.

What is my Purpose? What do I hope to accomplish?

I hope to gather information by learning more about my community and through the work that I do at the organization that I am serving. The main focus of my service learning is What is my purpose? Is this the right path for myself? and what do I hope to gain and accomplish from this experience? These are the questions that I hope to answer as I begin my journey of service learning and hope to gain the information and skills necessary to answer these questions. I plan to take as many pictures as I can through my experience in order to record them into my digital story and share my experiences with others.

Having Fun is what matters most.

Mostly what I want to get out of this experience is the positive feeling that I did something positive for a community. I also to have fun while doing service because it will motivate me to work even harder and improve myself. I also want to experience different forms of diversity and learn more about others and their own goals. As I stated before, it is important to meet people in order to improve your network. That network will allow me to have sources that will help me acquire my future career job. The most important thing for me is that I hope to have fun and enjoying serving the community that I am tasked to do.

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