Feminine Power

Kaija Solana
Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

In the honor of Women’s Day, I own this writing, women and the brave men who recognize and also have the courage to show the feminine side of themselves.

In each of us, regardless of gender, there are these two essence: feminine Yin and masculine yang. They are the opposites of each other, but they also complement each other. Balance is needed and, for this reason, the world dominated by men for so long is now strongly changing towards feminine approach.

Here in Spain, the traditional macho roles have been softened in many ways. Basque women are strong and fairly independent, but the family and the family’s pressure on what to do and how to live lives is still visible. I am happy to have met many brave women who have already violated those taboos and are pushing forward a new culture.

In addition, in the Basque Country, i an ancient superstition brings its own specialty. Mountains are considered to represent the mother earth, feminine power and are very respected.

Even though sad “Me too” -stories are found also in Finland (where I come from), the position of women in Finland is still unique. Hardly in any other country, a woman can live as freely! The status and equality of women in Finland are one of the many things that are also worldwide respected.

The emergence of feminine power is not about feminism, but an appreciative, gentle alternative to becoming visible and thus changing the world. Things can, instead of rolling power, be done in a new way, by love.

This legendary Robin Williams’s statement depicts it well: “If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.”
That´s what it is all about: peaceful, softer ways to create a more humane world.

There is no other without the other. Both sides are needed to complete the whole. Genuine masculinity is decisions and action without power, self-confidence without the arrogance of the ego, rational thinking without the need to master, honor without wars. It provides stability, strength and courage.

Genuine femininity, in turn, reveals a profound wisdom, rooted in trust in one’s own heart and intuition. It is a passionate, creative and life-sustaining force. It is compassion and gentleness that seeks through the surface directly into the inner core and always acts from love.

Kaija Solana

Written by

My passion is to live life fully and learn from it! Grow as a human, connect with the inner wisdom, potential & gifts we all have. www.kaijasolana.com

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