Missing Clarity!

So many interesting things around

Life sometimes makes us it´s tricks. There is so much to do, so many ideas and possibilities, so many interesting things happening around, so many places to go and happenings to attend, you name it. We are living in the unique time of abundance: everything is possible and your job is to choose and decide what to follow, where to attend and how to use your valuable time. While doing that we very often split not only our attention, but also our strength to way too many directions.

Multiple choices

Unnecessary needs and musts

As we only have 24 hours per day, it easily happens that we´ll be driven into the state of overflow. We explain to ourselves that we need or must do this or be somewhere and through that “selling speech” we set many unreal demands on ourselves. Gradually we get confused not knowing anymore where to focus on. It happens easily that we get frustrated both for not having enough sleep, which we would need, but also for not being able to do all the interesting things we´d like to do. We create ourselves a feeling of insufficiency and 
don´t even notice it.

Back to the basics

If we don´t be alert, or conscious, we unnoticed drift to the swamp of performance. When that happens, we don´t any more live our lives, we just perform it. We lose the focus and can´t see clearly any more what is important! What to choose? What to do next?

Life is so short and unpredictable, so it´s more than sad if we take it for granted. Sometimes we need a wake-up call! Some people more strong than others. That call can show up in many forms. Usually there are already symptoms before that. With those life tries to warn us, but if we don´t notice or pay attention to those signs, there might be some bigger stopper ahead. When that happens, it definitely will stop us and force to check the quality of life!

At that point we usually come back to the basics: What is most important in life? What do I value? How does it show in my life? What do I like and want? How do I want to spend my time? How does my significant life look like?

Become aware and notice

Unless we make a stop to the wheel of the hurry and performance, it will go on and on, until we somehow drop. What is the worst that could happen in your life? What if you live your life in autopilot and when getting older you start to regret. There has been a study about top 5 regrets people have on their death beds and those are:

1. I wish I had the courage to live an authentic life for me, not what others waited from me. 2. I wish I haven´t worked so much. 3. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. 4. I wish I had been more in contact with my friends. 5. I wish that I would have allowed myself to be more happy.
What will I choose?

The freedom of starting over right now!

Good thing is that we can make new choices whenever we wish, even right now! Making changes or decisions that endure is not easy by yourself. I know that from the experience. You need to have an exceptionally strong will to be able to truly make valuable changes in your life. It´s so easy to fool ourselves and go over the fence where it´s the lowest.

To avoid that I have a proposition for you! Let me help you and walk with you for 3 months. I promise you that with even as few as 3 coaching sessions will bring Clarity into your life — whatever your challenge is. Here are some examples of in what people often want to get clarity for:

  • I want to get clarity on what I want from my life.
  • I want to learn to forgive and trust that life supports me.
  • I want get back the joy of life! I want to make wiser choices and use my time well!
  • I want to find a new motivation into my work and life!
  • I want to get into balance within me.

With this personal coaching you will get clarity on your life. You will also get concrete tools and strength to use those tools in your future challenges in life.

Please check and take action: