No, the Democrats are Not the Lesser of Two Evils, they’re Two Sides of the Same Coin

No peace in the world with a little DonkPhant

A misconception among many of us, even the modern American left, has been floating around, coming back into the limelight since our healthcare, education, among other things have come further under fire since the rise of the Trump administration. “People are safer when the Democrats are in office, for they are the lesser of two evils”. While to many people, this would seem truthful, material conditions and various socioeconomic issues say otherwise…

No, the Dems are not the saviours of our healthcare.

Many of us are quite worried about the repealing of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”, or as the ACA, the acronym which we will be using here). However, let’s go back into history and remember what the ACA was created for. Back in the ‘90’s a similar bill was created, known as HEART (Health Equity and Access Reform Today) to be an alternative for universal healthcare. Today, the ACA plays a similar role, as a barrier between us and universal healthcare. All they had to claim is “this is all we can do”, then get people to accept what they have told us, and be content with it, and, unfortunately for many of us (myself included), we ate it up, hook, line, and sinker. They have narrowed the debate down to “it’s either Obamacare or NO care”, and thus we forgot all about our hopes for universal healthcare, and instead began fighting for the ACA, instead of what we deserve.

Today, we must realize that the ACA is not what we need to fight for, and that universal healthcare is not only what we NEED, it is what we DESERVE. We will not get our universal healthcare by working with the system and playing nice, what with all that voting and those silly petitions. We will gain it by making a movement, by protesting, and if we have to, by RIOTING. The bourgeoisie (1%, ruling class), will not grant it until they have no choice to do so. This too was true for the fights for labour rights, such as 8-hour workdays, work safety regulations, and weekends off. This too was true for civil rights and LGBTQIA rights. We never won by appealing to the system. We won when they had no choice to comply.

No, the Democrats are not less racist, bigoted, or classist. They are just better at masking it.

Another thing going around, is that had the dems (and Clinton) won last election, racism would not be “as bad” as it is now. However, this too is simply untrue. Where have the democrats been when it when it comes to cracking down on police brutality and mass incarceration (which mainly affects people of colour, especially black folks)? Where have the dems been when it comes tackling racial and/or sexual discrimination? Where have they been for sniffing out and arresting members of hate groups, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, or other similar fascists who threaten the lives of PoC, women, LGBTQIA, and more? People like them are still running around, working in our schools, daycares, law enforcement (no surprise there), even being our bosses after all. Where were they when we asked for free college, a universal basic income, or at least a livable minimum wage, all of which would help the poor and downtrodden they claim to care so much about? Why haven’t they spoken up and condemned the white male terrorists who have murdered and brutalized innocent people, calling them terrorists as they are?

They have not made a peep nor step forward. They benefit from systemic racism, in the form of mass incarceration, for it is cheap, legal, modern slave labour. They can have people do menial tasks for them without expelling much money whatsoever. They benefit from police brutality, for it gets rid of those they deem “undesirable”, and more likely to dissent due to their mistreatment and marginalization. They benefit from sexism by forcing women to work harder to have the same wages and payments of their male counterparts, while having them pay more for needlessly gendered products, and by portraying them as less skilled or able than their male counterparts, keeping them from landing the successful careers that their male counterparts obtained with ease, while keeping women under the control and oppression from men. By not giving us universal basic income and/or a livable minimum wage, they make sure we have to work multiple jobs just to survive, making them more money and profit, at our bodies’, minds’, and loved ones’ expense. With no free college, and no universal healthcare, they can keep us at the bottom, wallowing in debt, possibly getting us put in prison because we cannot afford the payments, making us free slave labour for them.

Now, what about elsewhere in the world? How do they affect the lives of others outside the US?

This is the one that many of us do not want to come to terms with. The democrats are just as murderous and hawkish as their republican counterparts. They too are mass murderers, contributing to the destruction of nations, the genocide of many innocent people, with funding a counter-revolutionary force in Honduras, the toppling of Gaffadi and Libya being razed being two of many examples of this. We need to start caring about, acknowledging, and identifying with these nations and their people in which they have harmed, and stop acting as if we are a separate community, unrelated to the rest of the world. How can we become a truly progressive, radical force of socioeconomic justice for those in need if we keep throwing them under the Humvees and bombers in favour of our own short-sided, selfish, and reformist goals? We won’t. Our survival runs hand in hand with the people and nations they have destroyed, and until we embody the mighty socialist mantra of “workers of ALL nations, unite”, and join together as one super force of comrades to combat our oppressors, we will be the very monsters we claim to wish to slay. We will unwillingly back the killing of our comrades to keep our own privileges.