Rails App Assessment Survival

I’m starting my third project and assessment for Flatiron School’s learn.co. After reflecting on my past assessments, I wanted to pause and jot down a few reminders to myself.

Don’t be a dum dum! Keep these points in mind.

  • Clean code is wonderful! But, ugly code is better than no code. You need to start somewhere.
  • Call the methods you want to have and think about the info you want returned. Fake that return. Then, make the methods real!
  • Don’t be afraid to break your app.
  • When the app is working as desired, stop working and submit your project. You have forever to improve the app.
  • Dream about how awesome you can make your app. Chop those big ideas up. And, then, abandon some of those ideas.
  • Check in with yourself. Are you overwhelmed and crying? That’s a good time for a break.
  • Learning is miraculous.
  • Relish creating an awesome project at your own pace with little oversight and requirements.
  • Take a day off. Go outside. Exercise. Eat healthy meals.
  • If you see code you want to use, don’t copy and paste. Type the code out. Take time to understand while you can.
  • Accept your app’s occasional or persistent ugliness.
  • Be proud of yourself and your progress.
  • Celebrate all your small victories with commits!
  • Some days you might hate your app. That’s ok.
  • Don’t worry about Learn.co labs. Focus on your project. If you are worried about progress, look through all your commits.
  • Ask for help. Talk with local mentors. Reach out to Learn.co experts.
  • Track your time with WakaTime.

Learn. Love. Code.