Why I’m Bernie or Bust

There's something I've been fighting with internally and I've been very on the fence about.

I've been very undecided about whether I'd vote for $hillary if she turned out to be the nominee.

I've decided though, that a Hillary presidency is just as dangerous as a Trump presidency. Hillary implies more war. She doesn't stand for any true morals, but rather for the morals of those backing her. Regardless of whether her emails were bad or not, she was dishonest and lied herself through it. She lied to me and the rest of the LGBT community and swears that she has always supported us; which is highly insulting when on multiple instances she very explicitly said she was AGAINST gay marriage. Her and her husband are responsible for the current prison population. Hillary is basically Donald Trump, but in a more passive aggressive way.

Fuck these corporate candidates who think they can continue to own America. I'm taking my country back with my vote!

That being said, if Hillary gets the nomination, I will be writing in Bernie's name on my ballot. I can not, in good faith or good conscious, vote for Trump OR Hillary.


#BernieOrBust #StillBernie

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