Jun 11, 2015 · 2 min read

Kailey Roeder — IT Helpdesk Technician

Hey there! I’m Kailey and I work on the IT Helpdesk Team in 2U’s NYC office. Fun fact? My favorite food is bacon. On to more serious matters.

This afternoon I had the privilege of attending the breakout session Leading & Managing Like a 2Ute presented by Brad Adams and Jacques Rojahn. The session began with talk of owning and challenging your own development and words like visionary, strategy, efficient, and process were used. We were introduced to the ideas of leadership and management as separate qualities and were given their definitions. We then spent time, about 15 minutes, in smaller groups discussing and listing key points that define leadership and management to us (2Utes!).

What did we figure out? Firstly, everyone in attendance agreed that Chip is definitely a leader and the captain of this rocket ship. He is the definition of leadership to many of us here at 2U. As we went around the room and shared our lists of key points it was obvious that both leadership and management have obvious word associations. Leaders are enthusiastic, inspirational, innovative, drive change, and drive culture. Those in management are organized, approachable, provide clear expectations and feedback.

So what made this talk great? As the discussion continued, it became clear that at 2U successful leaders possess a blend of both management and leadership qualities. We were introduced to John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership and how these lead us to challenge ourselves as leaders. As Jacques stated, leadership is a choice and we should take ownership. These challenges help to create dynamic and productive teams. We also discussed The Golden Circle, or the why, the how, and the what that helps us to define the purpose, cause, or belief behind what inspires us to do what we do. We were reminded to start with the why. Here the why is our mission.

So what is leadership is at 2U? As leaders at 2U we should be establishing visions and creating goals. We should be setting examples while also inspiring and motivating those around us. 2U leaders support and encourage each other while also expecting excellence. Why? Because leaders help facilitate and empower those around them.

What is my take away? Leaders use their influence, take risks and care about our mission. Remember to give a damn and be candid, honest and open. Remember that #OutcomesMatter.


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