Home Depot Mulch vs. Lowes

So most of us know…and if you don’t know…the end of March beginning of April is the time to buy mulch! Spring Black Friday and all 😍. @ 5 for $10.00 it is absolutely a good idea. Home Depot tends to run their sale much longer giving you lots of time to get all the mulch you need! Lowes on the other hand tends to do multiple sale for only a few days at a time. Once March hits start paying attention to the sales.

Now the real question…which one is better? Or is there one that is better? That depends on you. This year we ended up getting both. Not realizing that they weren’t at all the same?! 😳 black mulch is black mulch…right?…wrong!

I was at Lowes one sunny day and saw mulch was on sale. I only had room for 10 bags in my truck so I asked the girl he long the sale was and she told me through the weekend…score! 😍 I loaded up. The next day I returned just to be told NO it was a 3 day sale and was over 😩. So off to Home Depot I went. I found out when the sale was and returned then.

I also found out that at Home Depot you can purchase as much mulch as your little ❤️ desires at customer service and pick it up as you can…do you can get the sale price even if you can’t take it all (since I need 50–60 bags and drive a little suv) the only catch is you have to go back to customer service every time.

So this brings us to which mulch is better

This will all be up to preference.

Home Depo mulch is much chunkie in size. It is also not as black when you see a side by side comparison. Alone I feel it looks plenty black but when you lay them side by side it seems much more brown…almost as if they had given me the wrong color but NO it is black! Also Hone Depots bag is much stronger which means less mess and less waste!

Lowes on the other hand has a nice fine almost shredded texture! And the color is very dark! Noticeable black in the bag and out. In the other hand the bags arnt as durable. Many of them were broken and I had quite the mess in my truck.

In the end I prefer lowes. I like the overall look much better so next year I will be sure to hit the sale and get all the bags I need. I’m sure they offer some sort of pay now pick up later service.

Which do you prefer?

Happy Gardening!


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