This Is Us — America’s Favorite TV Show

The heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, hope-giving story of a family seeking love in a world that only knows abandonment and heartache has captured the heart of America. This Is Us tells the story of triplets born in the seventies, a popular era in American culture. During labor, the mother lost one of the triplets, but still left the hospital with three babies. An African-American baby was left at a fire-station and brought to the hospital, so the family only saw fit for them to adopt this baby and call him their own. Fast forward to the present day and the triplets now have families of their own.

Why has America fallen in love with this television show? What is it about this program that grabs the attention of our nation? This Is Us is a family-orientated show that addresses issues that occur within modern-day society. Issues such as adoption, drug addiction, fatherless children, race, and marriage. People can so easily relate to this television show because it is the everyday life of a middle class family. This show reveals the difficulties of raising children, the not-so-glorious side of marriage, and how to hold your ground when the world around you demands you to become someone you are not.

Each of the triplets deal with issues that most Americans face daily which makes this show one of the most popular shows of 2016. One triplet deals with fame and the insufficient satisfaction that accompanies it. The daughter struggles with weight gain and is unable to see the beauty that is within her. The adopted son desires to know his biological father and goes on a journey to find the man that abandoned him.

Fatherlessness is, in my opinion, the biggest issue America faces today. Where there are no fathers, there is no authority. Where there is no authority, there is chaos. Women all across the nation struggle with self-image and weight gain. These personal struggles that each triplet goes through are some of the main issues that Americans face every day. Why is this America’s favorite TV show? This Is Us brings to light the reality of hardships and how society views them. People are in love with This Is Us because it is relatable and full of truth that always concludes with hope.

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