Ten news sources to stay informed as a pharmaceutical market researcher

In a world of information overload, and increasingly fake news, it makes sense to stick to an information diet. Here are 10 resources that (Australian) pharmaceutical market researchers can use to stay informed on trends and developments both in the pharmaceutical industry and the insights, research and consulting sector. Most of these resources have RSS feeds and can be added to Feedly, or a daily email subscription for those prefer to read news in their inbox.

PharmaDispatch is dedicated to breaking news and commentary on the Australian pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. It provides independent news coverage, opinion and analysis. This is a paid subscription service.

Pharma in Focus
Pharma in Focus delivers up-to-date, in-depth news coverage, analysis and opinion in a daily email newsletter, covering consumer health, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors in Australia and New Zealand. This is a paid subscription service.

FiercePharma covers a more global and US-centric view on pharma news and deals, patents and litigation and market access. It is a paid subscription service, but also has a free daily newsletter.

Medical Marketing & Media 
The Medical Marketing & Media website has a mix of industry news and in-depth feature articles on marketing and promotion. Useful for the opinions of thought leaders from a range of industry executives representing healthcare manufacturers, advertising agencies, media and marketing research.

Health Workforce Data from Department of Health
The Department of Health publishes a great interactive tool to create tables of the health care professional workforce. This data is updated quarterly and should be your go-to source when asked how many Cardiologists there are in the country, what the mean age is for a General Practitioner, and what proportion of Endocrinologists work fulltime.

Daily Resources News Online by MrWeb
MrWeb claims to run the world’s busiest daily news and jobs service for market research professionals. The daily email is free and useful to see keep an eye on the competitive environment. Visually way overdue for an update, but a good source for industry news nonetheless.

Research Live
Research Live is managed by the UK-based Market Research Society, covering the trends and techniques from behavioural economics to big data analytics. Not to be confused with the Australian Market Social Research Society’s Research News Live.

RW Connect
RW Connect is a platform to share the best practice in research design and methodologies as well as a podium for debate and discussion. Contributors tend to be experts at the forefront of the industry, well worth a read.

GreenBook has evolved from a directory to feature news and opinion, and its GRIT report is one of the most valuable publications. A good source for webinars, though the US-centric times do not always work for me.

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review
Quirks publishes a monthly magazine available on iPad, in addition to the website. Though US-centric, the industry trends and opinions are very valuable, and helped me better understand what online qualitative technology is becoming popular. Highly recommended as a news source.

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