The Interested Challenge - More Listening, Less Speaking

The ear is venue to the heart. Two ears and one tongue focus more on listening than speaking. In a busy world of today, everyone wants to be heard but nobody wants to hear.

In my project work, I challenged myself to listen more to others instead of speaking about myself. I started it from my hostel. I bought chocolates and went to some of my hostel fellows. I sat with them and inquired about their health. I asked how they are doing everyday to get their goals achieved. They felt extremely happy that someone took time out to listen to them. They shared their everyday struggles with me so enthusiastically. At the end, I distributed them chocolates in order to make them feel important. On the next day, I sat with one of my university teachers. I asked them how is she and how is her life going. She felt so happy and blessed me with beautiful prayers.

I enjoyed being a hearty ear this week. It was difficult in the begining to stop talking about myself and to focus on others. However, I learned a lot new and interesting things from the life journey of other people. I am feeling myself more motivated to continue listening others for the rest of my life.

Future zoologist from Lahore College For Women University (LCWU). Lahore,Pakistan.