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Life is all about maintaining a balance between work and fun. We often get so busy making a living and forget to live a life. In the tough grinding routine of work, we must take time out to unplug ourselves for a while, in order to make everything work again. So, dear stress, let's break up.

The 3 months of my fellowship at Amal academy was like a treadmill. However, on the night before the last session, our Amal facilitator broke the news that our last session is no study session with a lot of surprises and fun activities. The…

Once upon a time🕰, there was a girl named Kainaat 👸. She was the most beloved kid 😍 of her family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧and was living a happy life✨. Her whole life was revolving 🔁around her family and she could not think 🙅‍♂️of a living a single day without her parents and her loving siblings 🎉.

One day she got a piece of very unpleasant news😥that made her unhappy and depressed😕. Her family decided to send her to a far place, Lahore 🚗 for her higher studies📚. She was at a younger age of only 13 years old at that time 🕧…

Domain: purchasing and Logistics

Tough times never last but tough people do.The current lockdown in pandemic situation of COVID-19 is really stressful time for Pakistan as one fourth of pakistan is under the poverty line and depends upon daily wages for its survival.Due to lockdown situation ordered by the state, 25% country’s population is not able to carry on their daily earnings as they have to stay inside their homes and are consequently helpless to die from hunger. Perhaps, they get save from a tiny virus from outside but they’ll definitely die from hunger.Every …

The Interested Challenge - More Listening, Less Speaking

The ear is venue to the heart. Two ears and one tongue focus more on listening than speaking. In a busy world of today, everyone wants to be heard but nobody wants to hear.

In my project work, I challenged myself to listen more to others instead of speaking about myself. I started it from my hostel. I bought chocolates and went to some of my hostel fellows. I sat with them and inquired about their health. I asked how they are doing everyday to get their goals achieved. They felt extremely…

We may delay, but the time will not.

Pomodoro is a scientific technique to beat procrastination. we often indulge in doing things that lead to short term pleasures to avoid the tasks that are actually supposed to be done. However, pleasure of conquering laziness is more tastier than pleasure of living with it.

Procrastination is like credit card; its a lot of fun until we get the bill. At times, when I feel like procrastinating, I motivate myself to give a reward after the accomplishment of my particular tasks. In my exams period, I reward myself either with my favourite song or favouite chocolate, on finishing my study…

Putting Your Idea into Universe

Happiness lies in the joy of achievements.Ideas are easy to think but it’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from goats.We often create ideas but do not put them into action due to our procrastination and comfort zone. However, lack of actions gradully slows down our thinking abilities.

So in my project work, I thought what wonderful thing I can create for the people of my society. After pondering upon various ideas from several days, when I started connecting dots, I realized I am good at baking and I love reading too…

Getting Closer to My mega Project Problem

Statement Of Problem: An Online access to domestic help

Domestic helpers work as independant contractors.They perform variety of household tasks. However, they are often under paid due to lack of experience at the relevant skills. According to statistical reports of pakistan, one out of twenty domestic helpers are tortured, misbehaved and harassed yet they do not quit their job because at the end, they have to run their own household.

However, I believe in empowering the community. I believe there is a strength within us as a collective. So in my project work…

A Gift Overdue

Gratitude is a way to express natural form of love. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. Expressing gratitude seems a cosmic invitation for all kind of thankfulness and appreciation. We must be grateful to those people who makes us happy and who plays a role of deep shadow in our bad times.

At times, I often forget to pay gratitude to those people to whom I owe a lot. Perhaps, it is due to my busy schedule at university, my ongoing projects and other personal tasks. …

Just start Experience

Life is all about taking actions and less about verbal planning. When we receive a dose of motivation from somewhere, we often build castles in air and then gradually we lose our focus by looking at those things due to which our goals are not achievable at that particular time.The nature does not give us what we ask for, but it gives us what we demand with our actions.

So, in my project work, I challenged myself to have a healthy lifestyle. Health is mother of all blessings. Without health and wellbeing, it is not possible to…

5 random acts of kindness

Kindness really made my day beautiful today. Kindness is a way to tell a struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.

1- I started my day by calling my father and told him that I love him, and he was extremely happy listening to that and shared how he is struggling every day to give us a beautiful future. …

Kainat Amjad

Future zoologist from Lahore College For Women University (LCWU). Lahore,Pakistan.

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