Onward and Adios, Konga

As April draws to an end, so too does the Konga chapter of my life. Yesterday, 28th April, 2017 was my last day at Konga. But before I look forward, I want to pause and reflect briefly on a few of the many things that made this chapter awesome.

Together with some of the tech industry’s most talented thinkers and doers, I helped build SellerHQ, an innovative eCommerce platform in Nigeria that enables sellers to manage virtual stores on the Konga marketplace (similar to Amazon.com). SellerHQ is currently selling over 280,000 physical and digital products to 2.5+ million customers nationwide. Together with an incredible team of four technical architects, we began our transformation journey to microservices and service-orientation, breaking down that huge monolithic beast named “M” and solving integration challenges. (We’ll get there). We designed KongaEZ, a progressive web app with an “offline first” strategy. Imagine a mobile web shopping application that you could use to shop and make orders offline. KongaEZ generated much rave and was featured at Google I/O last year; the annual developer conference by Google. This is to name just a few highlights.

I am incredibly proud and grateful for all that this chapter has produced and taught me. To all the various team members I worked with in the past, VPs, Directors and Executives; I will forever cherish our “fire fighting” experiences together and I salute and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Sim Shagaya, Toks, Jim, Andrew and Rauf for giving me the opportunity to build something awesome.

I also want to add; While handing in my resignation was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, the positivity that has poured out from Chris Akande, the architecture team, the product team, the talented developers, my friends and my family has been amazing. Special thanks to my “gang of four”; Pukka, Sammie and Jacob.

And as May begins, so too does my new professional chapter. Strike that. Rewind. And as May begins, so too does my new professional book. I say that I am writing a new “book” and not just “another chapter” in my current “book” because where I am going and what I am doing requires a whole new vocabulary, page layout and binding. And no, I am not going into the publishing business. And no, I am not writing an actual book (yet). I will be focused more on enterprise and solution architecture.

While I can’t yet share the details of where I am heading until next week, I can share that my role will be doing what I love: architecting solutions, processes and enterprise grade systems for an innovative company from the ground up with a group of very talented folks.

I look forward to sharing more soon. Until then, keep doing you; constantly improving yourself and adding value to everything you do, Konga inclusive.

Onward and Adios.

- K.

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