Strength in Unity

President-Elect Donald Trump is going to be sworn into office come January 20th. An electoral majority voted him into the office. Regardless of all of that, America will not become what Donald embodies as a person. America will not become greedy, racist, xenophobic, it will not begin stripping away the rights of American citizens, nor any human, and let me begin to explain why:

I voted for Hillary Clinton, DESPITE the fact she deleted tens of thousands of emails. And the fact that she may have corporate interests in Wall Street. And the fact that she reached out to young votes in an inappropriate way. There’s also that time when she was on the board of directors of Walmart. Or when she was against same-sex marriage. I do not condone these actions.

If I was optimistic, I would say that everyone voting for Trump did the same, that they voted for him because they believe he can “do it”, not because they enjoy marginalizing women and hate our Muslim community. They saw hope for themselves in his presidency.

There were plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton. And there were plenty of reasons not to vote for Donald Trump. With Donald as President, we now have the responsibility of letting him know whenever he tries something we do not approve of. He no longer has words to hide behind, he has to take action, and every time he does not take action, his voters lose faith in him, and every time he tries proposing a law that goes against America’s beliefs, we let him know.

Inadvertently, he may be the change Clinton or Sanders supporters sought, by having us all form against him and those who seek to be like him.