Why Should You Write Something

Or: Why You Should Write Something
Or: Something You Should Write, Why?

This isn’t a motivator or a self-help story. This is for myself. If you find motivation or manage to help yourself due to reading this story, please stop reading.

I haven’t written anything resembling a blog post or an article ever before in my existence. That makes this a fun and interesting activity that I’m pressuring myself to partake in, which brings us to the subject of my article: why am I pressuring myself?

Working with this editor is fun and easy, just like me.

Let’s pro/con this minty-chocolate ice cream topic.

Extra mint, please.


You have what might be described as a unique perspective due to your nature and upbringing. Did you grow up in a town of <100 people? Me too! Then I moved to Poland, and then I flunked a semester of college, then I wrote this article, and soon I will have lunch. There are enough people in this world that more than one person can have the same perspectives and experiences, so what you say might not be news to them, but there are at least seven billion one hundred twenty-two million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-eight other people besides.

You do or know something that literally NO ONE ELSE KNOWS OR DOES. How cray would that be? You should sell that for money. Unless it’s the cancer cure. Which makes you a can of moldy soup. Anyway, as an example, if you’ve walked on the moon I have a 100% expectation of you Instagramming that spicy spaghetti within 5 minutes of #moonwalking #nofilter. This can tie into experiences, since you can’t know what moonwalking is like without doing it.

There are things that need to be repeated. Repeating things that have already been said serves the same purpose as making multiple copies of newspaper: more people will read the newspaper. So, what needs repeating? Insight from a friend: people are only ready to listen to a message at certain parts of their lives. If I tell you that gun control is the way to go right now (and you’re American), you have an opinion about whether I’m right or wrong. If in Australia, and I say gun freedom is our right, it falls on deaf ears.

Deafness not guaranteed.


You’re boring. People have different interests and one may not have the same fascination in the same things as yourself. They lack the experience or perspective to understand that to eat really good Belgian waffles, you go to www.food.com and make them yourself! This is a disadvantage because if they’re not interested, they won’t read your stuff. And you’re writing your stuff to be read! People need to see your excellent wit and high prose!

You have no original ideas, and it especially seems that way if you don’t share interests with your audience or are beating a dead horse. If I write that the world is not flat, but rather, is round, an expected response would be “Kai you are such a dumb-ass, writing words was your worst decision since your birth.” This can be fixed by going out and just exposing yourself to things.

Do not expose yourself at a school.

The message you have doesn’t need repeating. Writing articles about universal truths without adding anything new falls under this. Yes, we know the dark side has cookies, and? One plus one equals fun, go on?

Cherry pie, we’ve reached the conclusion of this article. From what I’ve found of just writing out my thoughts here over 8 hours, the major conditions of writing an article (and feeling good about it) are:

  1. Keep it within your interests. If you find slug copulation intriguing, it’s easy to make it as intriguing to others.
  2. You have to realize that there are some people that haven’t been exposed to your thoughts. Such as creating a sequel to Titanic (where Eskimos ride an iceberg into a passenger ship, there’s a sweaty igloo scene and everything).
  3. Make it unique. You’re not going to increase viewership if your selfie looks like every other selfie.

That’s all done. Expect more now that I’ve managed to convince myself.

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