The Most influential Tech in 2017 — VR

In 2016, the VR has shown its exponential growth. And it is the first time that VR is being known by the wide range of people. There were many famous companies releasing their VR products, such as Google, Microsoft, HTC and Samsung, which lead to the VR becoming one of the hottest topic in 2016. It is predicted that the VR market will be worth $30bn by 2020. So the year 2017 will be an incredibly important year in the VR hardware and software development. And there are several reasons.

From the hardware aspect, we have seen a number of VR headsets been released, such Oculus, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and so on. But their prices are pretty high and there are still many aspects that can be improved. For example, the current headsets use perfect visual and audio experience to achieve virtual environment. But to truly achieve immersion, human’s other senses should also be satisfied, such as touch, feel and smell. Also, there will be more companies join in the VR game to share the market profit. And I believe this will lead to the higher improvement of VR hardware and drop in hardware price, just like mobile phones.

From the software aspect, in 2016, what we saw most is that VR was used and introduced to the public mostly by utilizing it in entertainment, like gaming, movies and shopping. The Sony PlayStation has launched its VR gaming product in October 2016. But beyond those, we will definitely see VR creep into other aspects in our lives and work in 2017, especially in education. It is always known that people can learn things well by having the opportunities to experience something as opposed to just seeing and listening. So by using VR, students can experience the event when learning history, or see the inside of earth when learning geology, or see how cells interact with each other when learning biology. They don’t need to go outside of the classroom but can see the whole world clearly and deeply. And this is useful in all kinds of education, from elementary school to university. This is a promising future for the VR development.

What’s more, under the change led by VR, it will influence many other aspects of the society. One aspect is that it will change the career focus of many people. First of all, the demand for VR developers will keep growing in 2017. So this will make more people change their career focus to VR development. And we need someone, some place to train the VR developers. So more universities will have courses related to VR developing. This is just like Android. When Android was very hot, there were a tremendous growth of Android developers and universities also started to provide Android development courses. So as a software developer, we need to see this trend and equip ourselves with the knowledge to make ourselves stay in the cutting edge of technology. Besides the technical ones, we need to remember that with every growth industry, the technical jobs come first, and everything else follows. So we can see that there will be many other jobs related to VR emerging in the future. For example, marketing, customer service, teaching and so on. So if you want to do some work related to VR, you need to see this trend and prepare early.

The user base is definitely going to explode this year since this technology is becoming mature and really attractive to people for their daily lives. So we need to pay close attention to this field and new trends. And see if there is any opportunities for us to join in the game.

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