The Different Options Available in Natural Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble has always been a favourite with London homeowners. It is widely used in several applications — kitchen worktops, floorings, bathroom tiles, wall claddings, vanity tops, staircases, and so on. The beauty and elegance of marble surfaces is unparalleled. Marble is a preferred choice when it comes to choosing stone kitchen worktops.

Azul Cielo Marble

There are two broad categories of options available in marble kitchen worktops — natural marble worktops and engineered marble worktops. Several choices are available in both these categories that help homeowners to choose the one that perfectly matches to their kitchen décor theme.

The next few sections provide a quick account of the different choices available in natural marble kitchen worktops.

These worktops are available in several naturally occurring color shades, hues, design patterns and textures thus offering a wide array of options to choose from. Each variant can effortlessly add a subtle charm and class to your entire kitchen setting. When sealed properly, these stone kitchen worktops become resistant to wear and tear, fissures, stains and scratches and also require quite low maintenance. Here are few options to look out for –

  1. Lighter shades such as white and light grey to add an aura of peace and calm — Acqua Bianca, Afyon White, Bianco Ibiza, Bianco Lasa, Bianco Thassos, Namibian White, Crystal White, Vietnamese White and several others
  2. Lighter shades in white, grey, crème and beige with fine veins offering a soothing effect — White Evora, Rosa Estremoz, Desert Silver, Bianco Oro, Bianco Rhino, and the very famous Calacatta Carrara Bianco
  3. Natural bright hues with colourful patterns for an attractive work surface — The gold and brown Amarello Negrais, the gold and red Arezzo, the beautiful Black &Gold, the unique Blue Jeans, nature’s true beauty Bois Jordon, the sophisticated brown and red Damascus, Forest Brown, the very elegant Rosso Collemandina and the attractive Rosso Verona
  4. Exquisite patterns against darker shades backdrops to add a touch of uniqueness combined with unmatched elegance — Silver Fantasy, Rosso Levanto, Port Black, Oro Nero, Eramosa (vein cut and cross cut) and Emerald Wave to name a few
  5. Unique patterns against white or grey or cream backdrop — Arabescato Series, Bianco Carrara Venato, Bianco Karibib, Botticino, Acquarella, Bianco Perlino, Breccia Aurora, Breccia Multicolore, Breccia Violetta, Calacatta Fabricotti, Calacatta Vagli Rosato, and several more variants
  6. Hues or shades that are very unique to marble — The light blue Azul Cielo, the grey and blue with light white veins Bleue de Savoie, Brown River, coffee brown Cohiba, Emerald Green, the brown and gold Giallo Silvia Oro, Golden Musk, the ocean blue Sodalite, light green Verde Laguna, patterned green Verde Rajasthan are few popular choices
  7. Designs and patterns to make an impact or to complement a theme — Michelangelo Dark for an artistic impact, Irish Green imitating the aerial view of Earth, the enigmatic Arabescato Orobico, Blackwood for a natural sturdy look similar to that of an old tree bark, Black Fossil, or the very beautiful Breccia Capraia featuring a pattern in multiple hues of white snow, olive green and Earthen brown.
Bianco Carrara marble, a classic stone from Italy

It is evident that there are endless options in colours, patterns, textures, etc in kitchen natural marble worktops. The same holds true in case of branded engineered marble worktops such as Compac Technological Marble work surfaces. Whichever option you choose, make sure to source the same from a reputed London-based stone worktop supplier and dealer.