Healthy Relationships: Keys to long term growth.

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?-George Eliot

The past few weeks have been demanding and a little chaotic for me at Andela: Meetings, debriefs, skill set sessions, more meetings, code reviews and, not to forget, the endless hours spent debugging my software codebase.

Programming is hard! This is even more pronounced if you’re a greenhorn in the business. There are so many tools to use and perfect, so many moving parts that need to come together seamlessly, and with precision, not to mention the plethora of terminologies and jargons. In the midst of all these, one thing will speed up your learning process is harnessed properly: Mentoring.

Mentoring is hinged on relationships between an experienced or more knowledgeable person and a less experienced person and in this relationship, the more experienced individual guides the less experienced one (i.e. protege) in the arts and crafts of the business (in this case software development).

This type of relationship fuels learning and speeds up the growth process in that, the protege is able to avoid common pitfalls and pick up skills faster due to the guiding principles of the mentor.

Recently I had to seek feedback from a senior colleague concerning an error in my code. At the end of the conversation, I had to ask myself, why did it take me so long to request for such? I realized, I’m lagging in my relationship building skills and needed to improve.

The experience was an eye opener and I made up my mind to work more on that as it’s very key to being a successful individual. Also, it makes my job easy as, with the help of a mentor, I could easily see and avoid some pitfalls in the software development industry.

I do hope to be a better communicator in the process as well.

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