Are we nothing?

What is nothing? Nothing is nothing isn’t it? Completely nothing, no time, no space, no anything. Shouldn’t that be how the Universe is. How could something come out of nothing. An eternal nothing, yet with no time it just doesn’t even exist. I mean, time doesn’t necessary need to exist for something to exist. How about just a piece of matter. An eternal matter. Never changing, always the same forever, for eternity. If the possibilities of the Universe are infinite, that Reality would exist somewhere, however relative to us it would never exist, because it would never interact with us. Only when something interacts with something else would it exist.

If the ultimate universe is infinite in all possibilities the reality of nothing forever would exist, the reality of something forever, but also.the reality of change forever. We live in the reality that always changes. Change is the eternal aspect of the ultimate universe we can realize, through string theory. It is the only real thing.

Is it any more real or less real than the reality of an eternal nothing?

However as an infinite time passes nothing would stay the change in our reality. Every single thing would have changed. But does time even exist. Only in this universe, once this universe ends the reality of change still exists and all infinite worlds exist and don’t exist? Since there is no time infinity is just an instant or even nothing at all. Since one universe relative to infinite is zero after all.. Would it not? Even though we live in a reality of change above this universe we are still so close to nothing.

Who are we really. We have a sense of self. We try to find it. However what we really are is nothing trying to find itself. We are just nothing because we always change, over time we are completely different than before, therefore we are always nothing. That is our deepest self. Yet we are everything, because when we are nothing we have an infinite possibility of becoming anything. Maybe being something is limiting, like a child who was only taught to play piano, his brain becomes more permanent with age, his potential decreases but he is something.. A pianist. Yet being nothing gives more opportunity as you can become anything. A baby has so much possibility, since the brain is a lot more flexible to change. You might say that when you are really old you might know a lot, nearly everything you want to know. You might be everything, but nothing because at an old age you can barely do anything anymore.

Being infinite might be limiting. It might be just as good as being nothing.