Beyond Universe

While researching for my ToK presentation i came across an interesting video called “2045: A New Era for Humanity” (2045 Initiative, 2012). The video shows the progression of humanity and at the end of the video it concludes that humans will become robots/cyborgs with continued progression in speed and capacity. This made me think a lot about the future of our race and it lead to a new question “Is there any limit to what we become?”

Using our way of knowledge of history and our natural sciences (especially physics and biology) we know that the universe expanded from being very simple and kept on getting more complex each minute. As the universe started to cool down more complex structures started being created, such as atoms. Also laws started being created and rules. As it become more and more complex the universe allowed life to start existing. Cells started becoming more complex and more complex. From one cellular structure to multicellular structures. Through evolution we started become more intelligent beings and eventually one of these species that have developed started being so intelligent they could start creating their own creations. We are now capable of making robots and eventually they could become as intelligent as us. It is not much of a question that they will eventually become as smart as us. The only constriction is time, will it be at our life time?

Now that we have covered the basic history of events I really want to start exploring what is going to happen next, this requires lots of imagination, backed with our real life example which has done excessive research for its predictions. We started with a universe, that now contains life and now we are developing another thing that could potentially become more advanced when life. Robots. Some humans would want to become robots, others would not. I personally would love to become a robot as it gives me stronger abilities, but what is the next step? The capacity of Robots would increase exponentially, and since they will be able to easily share data their knowledge about our universe would keep on expanding. Eventually we could pretty much solve all or most of the questions of the universe. We are already able to build quantum computers, what is the real limit to what we can create? Is it creating a universe? Would we, us robots have the ability to create our own universe? Is that the ultimate test? What would you do if you could create your own universe? If I could design would I not also want to live in it, I would not just be the creator of the universe, I would be a being inside of it to experience my universe. This line of thinking creates an endless loop from universe to life to robots to universe to life etc… My universe which would contain life could possibly start developing their own kind of robots, and they might do the same as we could have done. What is the true limit? As it stands right now, we have no idea what the real limit in this universe could be.


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