Let us imagine nothing. The simple nothingness. Just nothing at all. The universe before it was created. Many people would ask how something could come out of nothing. So we have this nothingness, but according to quantum physics there is a probability that there is something. Let us say that the nothing is 0 and the something is 1. So basically we are taking something out of nothing. I like to represent this by 1/0. Which will give you an error on all calculators, but isn’t it exactly what the universe did? Take something out of nothing?Let us concentrate on this one thing that was created. What is it anyways. It is hard to know, but let I would like to call it consciousness. Pure consciousness or in other terms energy.Another term would be to call this one thing God. What would you do in this position?You are everything there is in existence. You are all good, all bad, all perfection, all knowledge and no knowledge at all since you ultimately came from nothing. This seems like many paradoxes, but in my opinion that is all that life is. A bunch of paradoxes but together to form this very complicated and complex world of paradoxes inside paradoxes.Lets go back to god. He feels lonely, and his probability of even existing is close to zero. He is barely even in existence. If I were in his position I would want to get out of this uncomfortable situation as possible. Being all pain and pleasure interchangeably 24/7 is unpleasant.So I would try something. I would split my consciousness up into a thousand pieces. All forming into different things, since they all have a bit of a different property. Some have more good, some more bad. Through this imbalance things were finally able to form. And from my consciousness we created a universe. Everything in existence being a part of myself, i am everywhere at the same time, but also nowhere. My consciousness is divided into many pieces. Once all of myself reunites, I would have ultimately become more knowledgeable of the world that can exist. But I know everything there is to know once again. In reality I am always at the very beginning. I will always be everything there is Viewing the world in this way. It is easy to think that life has no meaning. How can it have meaning, if everything in its ultimate existence really is just this 0. This nothing at all. This thought seems scary to some people and they would reject this idea. “I know that I exist, nothing can not exist, because I know I am here”. In my opinion it is a very good illusion.