Skiff Mail: Getting your with ENS

One of the best things that you can do now if you own an ENS domain is send and receive emails from that domain! I recently got my own ENS domain at awkaishin.eth and through Skiff Mail, I am now able to communicate privately and securely via This email can also be used to send and receive emails to/from other email services such as or

More than just another email domain, what Skiff mail enables us to do is send messages to another Ethereum wallet. This means direct communication between crypto wallets (even using the hexadecimal Ethereum address)! Furthermore, Skiff natively supports end-to-end email encryption meaning that only the intended recipient will be able to view the contents of the mail.

If you already own an ENS domain, the process itself is relatively simple as it involves just signing a transaction with your wallet with no gas fees involved. For this guide, we will be connecting to Skiff via Metamask and using the ENS registered Ethereum account.

If you have yet to get your first ENS, you can refer to an earlier guide:

Registering your ENS domain with Skiff mail

The Skiff email service can be accessed via their website at You can browse through their website to get a better idea of how it works. Once you’re ready, we will sign up for an account.

Upon launching the app, you should be navigated to the Skiff web application where it will walk you through the sign up process.

In order to create an account, we will select “Connect wallet” and use the Metamask option.

Metamask will then prompt you to allow Skiff to connect to your account. Do note that this account needs to be the owner of the ENS domain.

Once connection permission has been granted, you should then receive a Skiff signature request which enables Skiff to generate an email for the connected account. The message to be signed contains the login token which will allow you to access the app.

Once your account has been verified by Skiff, you will be prompted to create a new email. We will not change any of the settings and just select the “Next” button.

As an additional layer of security, Skiff requires a password to be set. While the previous signature request verifies that we own the Ethereum account, this password enables us to link our new Skiff email to the account. This means that we can also login to our Skiff mail without the need to always have our wallet at hand (i.e. browsers or mobile app).

After setting your password, Skiff will provide two options for password recovery:

  • Backup email where a code will be sent in the even that you forgot your password
  • Recovery key which unlocks the email account. Do note that whoever has access to this recovery key is able to access the account so do not share this!

With the recovery options set, you should now be able to see your Skiff email inbox.

Your new ENS email address

By completing the registration process, you now automatically have access to your ENS email address. To verify this, you can select the compose button and open the “From” dropdown, you should be able to see your ENS domain having both a and a option.

To validate that it works, we will send a new email to my gmail address. You can try this by sending an email to your own alternate email addresses.

Upon sending, the mail should be dropped into your alternate email inbox. As you can see from my gmail inbox, the email came from awkaishin.eth which is my ENS domain!

I can also reply to awkaishin.eth as per any other email provider.

As expected, the reply sent from my gmail account shows up in my Skiff inbox with no problems.

Congrats, you are now able send and receive emails to your ENS domain! You can even try sending mails to other wallets (including mine at As the space matures, decentralised identity technology is set to revolutionise our digital interactions via individual empowerment. This is a step towards relationships being built from the ground up.

Thanks for staying till the end. Would love to hear your thought/comments so do drop a comment. I’m active on twitter @AwKaiShin if you would like to receive more digestible tidbits of crypto-related info or visit my personal website if you would like my services :)



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