A Stagnant thought build corrupt society

“Education does not change the world.

Education changes people.

People change the world.”

(Paulo Freire)

In the society that we live in, we often harp about the debacle of entire education machinery i.e. from curriculum, students to teachers-without much bothering to understand “Who serves what”. Needless to say, the entire education of human history had served the rulers of its time (this does not mean that no vibrant faces emerged to bring changes) rather there had been many philosopher, thinker, scholar who opposed the educational values that served the empires and monarchism. Scholars like Socrates, Buddha, Charvak and many other in their contemporary society who stood to shatter the hypocritical and dogmatic values of the irrespective civilization. But unfortunately these forces were suppressed brutally by the tyrannical and barbarian empires, churches and hindu ideologue. Bruno was burnt alive by the clergymen of churches, Buddha’s philosophy was curtailed and Socrates had to pay for his truth.

Later in the modern democratic social order, the religious dogmatic educational system transferred into the industrial educational system. Measures were taken to overturn the educational system towards more controlled, more indoctrination, stress was given on more vocational training, imposing dept, which traps students and young people into a life of conformity……. That’s the exact opposite of (What) traditionally comes out of “The Enlightment”. And there has been a constant struggle between the two. In the colleges, in the schools, the students are trained to pass tests and exams rather to develop creativity and a sense of obligation. They are being brought up as if they are meant to live rest of their into a solitude state. Such education is the synonymous of industrial discipline where creativity is not allowed to be implemented; only bounded into the work of manufacturing respective part of the product. In case of modern education too the students are forced to act like the industrial proletariat who are made to receive not knowledge but only the information. So the most importantly who needs to be blamed for the debacle and inheriting wrong ideas into the head of new generation?

In today’s world, there is a hue-n-cry about the role of a teacher. Undoubtly, teacher plays a significant role in building the future of the nation. But……! Then there is a question that needed to be answered that how it could be done. Is it by concealing the truth from his own pupil or by developing the attitude of critical analysis, thinking and reasoning, and overall to develop logistic vision among the future of generation i.e. the students. Meanwhile what is been observed-is the negligence not only on the part of the teacher but in fact the whole establishment is responsible for it. Perhaps teacher is only the minute part of the establishment and the system. In present scenario there are only few who break the chains of slavery and rebel against the system to serve the student and the society. Despite the fact that government plays a prominent role in deciding the curriculum and what to be served to the students, but it is equally true that teacher has the platform where he could be inspirational source for the students. He is the one who has the ability to shower the knowledge of principles as well as show the world of reality.

As quoted by one of the legendry Bertrand Russell-“No man can be a good teacher unless he has a feeling of warm affection towards his pupils and a genuine desire to nourish them what he himself believes to be of value.”I firmly believe that a feeling of intellectual freedom is essential for the enrichment of the teacher’s functions. But in the case of a teacher in the recent world ,unfortunately the teacher has been reduced more as a civil servant who is obliged to carry out the behest of men who do not have his learning, neither the experience of dealing with young, such teachers have only propagandist approach toward the education. To them education is only the way for earning and filling up the bellies rather than the way of transforming the society and bringing the social, political, culture change in the existing world. With such approach, it is impossible to perform the function for which they are considered to be ‘specialized’. In such case the students are bound to be in and around the knowledge and experience of their teacher, rather breaking the boundation and giving wings to their imagination for the search of new knowledge and experience.

In nut, most of the times the reality of the practical world is concealed by the teachers, creating an adverse affect on the student when he goes into the outer world i.e. in the world of reality. For instance, most of the curriculum taught throughout the world gives a favorable picture of one’s nation and biased to the rest. In the recent time manipulated courses are designed which leads most of the students into the valley of devils. The teacher follows the curriculum blindly without having little interest in raising question to their authority regarding the designed syllabus; this eventually takes the student into the deeper thought of negligence.

Now-a-days the society eventually seen showing its annoyance over the immoral values that is sniping into the overall society and especially in the upcoming generation. Their concern is right that contain serious issue to be shared with. Morality and ethical values are necessary to impart with student to democrat the society but equally essential for a teacher to inherit such qualities in themselves not only in words but also in deeds. The great teachers like Socrates, Bruno, Buddha etc. of the past; they all set an example to stand in words as well as in deeds and never ever concealed the truth from their followers nor from the enemies, result what may be.

Thus in the era of modernization, the task of a teacher has become more challenging and acute. Now they have to be equipped themselves not only with thorough knowledge and reasoning but they also have to get ready to face the endanger of revealing the truth because we are in the era of fascism where the fascist forces are on their heels to use the sacred texts, symbols, history to conceal the truth of human civilization and culture. Exactly in the same manner as Adolf Hitler did in Germany which ultimately led to the massacre of thousands and thousands of Jewish and the debacle of Germany itself. Once again we are in the world where clouds of war are hovering , on the name of religion the common mass are being massacred ruthlessly by the butcher of all sides. In such darkness of disappointment, it is the teacher who can become a torch-bearer to uplift the humanity and smashing inhumane approach.

Finally I urge the teachers of the world who do not consider themselves merely a servant of the authority but want to shower a light of new hope to take the burden of changing the existing world on their shoulders. It is foremost task ahead on such teachers to teach the students to rebel against the odds and develop the strength to have determination and patience to achieve the new height of success in one’s life. As quoted by an educationist and thinker Paulo Freire-“Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world. It is rightly said, so it becomes the utmost task of the teacher to bring up the students in a way from where he or she could think of making their world a better place to live in; in a world where one could think about right and the wrong; a world where the youth remain free from slavery of religious dogmatism; and fight against all kinds of evil values and suppression of the weaker in the contemporary society of ‘Have’s and Have’s Not’. Then only we can hope for the change in the world. To society teachers are like water if he continue to flow his knowledge and wisdom then he can inject the thought of freshness and morality by nourishing the minds of the youth by their versatile thoughts and vision but if he is vice-versa than his thought of conduct can ruin not only the students but also the entire society.

Kaisser Rana

(Social activist and employed in educational field)

(mob. No.- 8755167813)



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