The Importance Of Manipulating Time Instead Of Being Manipulated By Time.

At some point in our lives we’ve all felt pressure, we’ve all felt stress, we’ve all felt like having a mental or nervous breakdown. Don’t get me wrong it’s normal for us as humans to feel these emotions but when they build to the point where you saying something like:

“I can’t deal with life “

And it keeps happening. That’s a different story. We’ve all heard something like this before right?

what is the common reason for this sort of situation to happen?


Worry is dangerous emotion that can trample all over our minds and erase any form of logic from it. Worry makes us panick, makes us feel anxious, makes us feel rushed and what occurs when this happens? We get caught up, our thinking becomes narrow and fixated on “getting the job done” we burn more energy then we need to trying to get whatever it is we need to get done and more importantly, we burn out our minds. This is what I call being manipulated by time.

“How do we fix this?”

Ask yourself, what are your priorities in life right now? If you were to make a list right here of the top 3 things you need to get done right now. What would they be? Write them out, take them down on your notes app or something.

Once you have that done, As simple as it sounds. Focus completely on those priorities. Give sufficient time for yourself to do them. Everything else can wait. Hanging out with your friends can wait, going for dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend can wait. Going to see the new fast and furious can wait.

There not suddenly going to disappear from your life by tomorrow. You got to discipline yourself. Take control of things you can control and not worry about the things you can’t control. That’s what I call “manipulating time”.