In all honesty, I’ve been struggling with being okay with my friends who voted for Trump.
Lance Mealer

As a white person, especially a straight white male who is under no immediate personal threat in a Trump presidency, it is SO important that you keep the dissenters in your life. NOT to keep them close to you as friends or trusted people in your life, but to keep them around and continue to try to express you opinions to them. When we (white people) cut out racists from our lives or call out racism angrily and refuse to engage with people spouting those views, then engaging with them falls to people of color, who have enough bullshit racism to deal with before trying to have calm discussions with “nice racists.” It’s pure privilege.

In the immediate days after the election, I started removing friends from my life (well, facebook life) because of their vote and I’ve stopped. If they want to unfriend/unfollow me: ok. But I’m not going to leave the discussion up to the most marginalized among us. Because of your identity, you have SO much power. Don’t let the fight to change minds fall to queer, trans, female people of color. Use what you’ve been given. Be firm. Let them know what they’ve done isn’t ok and you don’t feel ok with them. But don’t cut them out.

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