Not quite a poem

Tonight I was reminded of how lucky I am to occupy space on this planet. When I got home I sat down with the intention of writing a well-planned piece exploring these feelings, but I simply cannot. Floating in the ocean surrounded by nature’s inexplicable beauty, I found that I didn’t even have fully formed thoughts in those moments. All I had were feelings, and sometimes feelings cannot be accurately articulated into words.

After class, some friends and I decided to go swimming at the beach. Even though the locals are already breaking out their fall coats, to us the weather still arouses summer’s invincible freedom. In other words, over a month into classes I still feel as though I’m on vacation.

So here I present you with my reflections on the evening. I won’t call it a poem, but just a loose string of thoughts in no particular order and with no particular purpose other than appreciating a few moments out of an otherwise average day.

The water is not blue.

It’s more of a stormy dark gray

Icy, inviting

And the waves

are flecked with gold

as the sun slides down the sky

leaving a messy tail of pinks and oranges

the clouds like footprints

showing the trail of travelers

more brave than I

could ever be

to walk on the sky

and disappear

beyond the horizon

is home

but what is home

but a time

that has passed

and now I am floating

but not lost

because if there is no home

how can I be lost

at sea

there is a pirate ship

or is it a sailboat

it too disappears

and the horizon is flat


flat lined


I exist

In the shadow of a city

That has existed hundred of years

Before I was me

And will continue to exist

Well after I too disappear

And the water will

Keep rising

And falling

And pushing

And pulling

I am small

Less than a grain of sand

But happy

To be