Looking forward: Our last days with #loweclass

Eighty-four days ago, I stepped into room 300 in Johnston Hall with fear in my eyes and a severe lack of faith in my abilities in mind. Now, just 28 days from the end of #loweclass, I see myself as a successful journalist. I am learning new skills every day and growing as a student and person.

The confidence that #loweclass has given me is something I never saw coming. I thought I would get through by keeping my mouth shut and my head down. Instead I broke out of my shell and am discovering myself as a journalist. Every class presents a new challenge. This week’s challenge — start looking toward Day 28. What will I have to show my class, my audience on Twitter and Instagram, visitors to my digital portfolio or LinkedIn?

Challenge: Do your best journalism yet. Bring your audience a compelling story. Test your limits.

Challenge accepted.

I have surprised myself time and time again this semester, and it doesn’t stop with my most recent profile. This is only the beginning.

There is so much character in Milwaukee. I’m not sure who I will be profiling or what news I will bring to my audience yet. I’m still searching for that perfect story. But I know that what I bring to my professor, my #loweclass peers and my audiences on all platforms will be both like and unlike my past pieces. I will continue to build on my successes, but will also learn from past mistakes.

For this final #loweclass mission, I will take a few notes from the Washington Post’s series on leadership. I will capture movement, natural sound, character and emotion in new ways. I will expand my abilities with a DSLR camera, my interviewing skills, and my confidence as a professional journalist.

It won’t be perfect. It won’t be easy. But I will do it and I will do it well.