The Life of a Party Princess

It’s well known that you can go to any Disney park and meet your favorite characters, but a new entertainment group is bringing some of those lovable characters to the city of Reno.

One of the snowflake clips that is placed throughout the Elsa wig.

Alyssa Dubois is a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno. Originating in San Diego, California, Dubois is bringing a new business to the city.

“Royal Entertainers is a performance based company that started in San Diego, California. It was started by our founder Brittany Skipper, who had a background in journalism actually and then she moved on to create this company basically just to cater to the kids in San Diego and it’s grown immensely over the past few years,” Says Dubois.

Reno is the newest addition to the company’s growing list of locations. Dubois has been with the company since she was in high school and is now in charge of the new location.

Dubois writes out the signatures of all the characters she has ever played since working for Royal Entertainers.

“We do parties for children as well as big events, so we’ve done events with Petco Park in San Diego and we’ve done events with various malls around San Diego, but our Reno location is very new,” Dubois said.

Royal Entertainers offers a wide variety of characters, from Disney Princesses to the characters of Star Wars.

Wigs for the Elsa and Anna costumes.

“I have a couple of favorite characters to play, I definitely love playing Anna because it’s one of the most loose characters out of all of them. You don’t have to be so proper all the time. I have a lot of the same traits as Anna so it’s just kind of me on like times 10, so it’s just like five times more energetic and excited,” said Dubois.

Detailing on the costume of Dubois’ favorite character to play, Anna from Disney’s ‘Frozen’.

Dubois generally sticks to playing princesses for big events and birthday parties. However, it’s not all just playing dress up, there is a lot of preparation that goes into being a Princess.

“It usually begins with just film watching and if the character has a specific accent, like for Merida or for Wendy, we go through kind of like a vocal training, so it’s a lot of repeating lines and making sure that you sound a lot like the character and doing that, a lot of repetitions of their famous phrases,” Dubois says.

Dubois has also learned how to perform magic tricks and how to paint faces. She knows how to sing songs from each princess movie and how to act just like the princess she is assigned to play.

The chest that holds all of the entertainment for parties, face painting tools, items to perform magic tricks, and a lot of autograph cards.

“I like being a princess because it’s so refreshing to go somewhere and not have to be yourself for an hour and a half. Just to be around kids that are so excited to see you and they’ve always wanted to meet you before, and they just get to spend an hour and a half of one-on-one time with their favorite character,” Dubois said.

These heels are worn by princesses like Cinderella and Elsa.

While the job can be seen as fun, Dubois says that sometimes the pressure to be the perfect princess can be hard.

“It’s never a good feeling to know that you could have done so much better and then like let down a family or let down a kid because you weren’t as energetic or as wide awake as you should have been,” says Dubois.

Even though her performances aren’t always perfect, Dubois really enjoys what she does.

“Being a princess just means bringing joy to people and that’s like all you could really hope for is to make people happy.”

A flyer for Royal Entertainers hung up in Dubois’ room.