Digital History of an average American

I was 14 when I begged my mom for Facebook. 13 was the minimum age to get a Facebook account then (and still is) and finally, she gave in. Freshman year of high school I opened my Facebook account. That’s right, I was almost half way through my first year of high school before I was allowed on Facebook.

Looking back in the days of 2009 I posted quirky statuses, played Farmville and posted statuses requesting things for my Farmville. There’s something about looking back at “My Year in Photo’s 2009" that makes me laugh. Who was that girl that posted all those lame things?

My first status was “i don’t get it? what am i supposed to do?”. In all honesty, I’m not sure I ever really learned the point of Facebook. Facebook was the thing to be apart of. All my friends and classmates who had it. I posted pictures and statuses just like everyone else did in order to show off. I liked and commented on things that were appealing to me. But what is the point? I think I could have gone my whole like without having played “Zoo” and “Mind Games-Bouncing Balls”.

So, six years later, why do I still have a Facebook? I suppose the reason I still have a Facebook today is the same reason I got it; to fit in with my friends and show off what I am doing. I still comment and like things that I find appealing. If someone has a good picture up, even if I don’t talk to that person face-to-face often, I will like the picture. Isn’t that the whole point of the like button? Or if I like the wrong boy’s picture, his girlfriend will get mad therefore causing drama…?

I post pictures in order to show my “friends” that I am not some loser who just sits and watches Netflix all day but indeed am out doing things. I don’t understand the need to justify my actions to my Facebook friends. After all, if they were really my “friends” wouldn’t I just get a hold of them some other way? Wouldn't we hangout or talk in some other way?

Maybe the reason that I still have a Facebook is to not only to prove myself to others, but so I feel connected. Humans are social creatures. We want to be with others and know what others are up to. It’s easy to look up someone and see their past on Facebook. We can “creep” on their profiles and see all the pictures and things that they've posted before we've even met them. It’s a good way to stay in touch with so many other people all at once. I can be scrolling through my news feed and see my Aunt’s post updating us on her pregnancy and right below it I can see a friend’s post about her missing dogs. Two completely different people in two completely different states and yet THERE THEY ARE. Right there for me to see and sympathize with. Then I can go and creep on old friends, classmates, boyfriends, and family members, to see how much more they have going on in their life’s than I do. And I don’t even have to leave my bed.

Perhaps in the last six years Facebook use has been declining. Why do I still go on it then? Why do I have to publicly post my emotions to people whom I only met briefly at a party. Just because I don’t need to doesn’t mean that I’m not going to. Am I going to stop using Facebook? After all the time and effort I’ve put into our relationship, I don’t think I could bring myself to break it off ;)

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