Various Poems About Change


Children Starve
Hunger Comes Quickly
Animals You Love Become Meals You Need
Nature is Destroying Everything, Taking itself Back
Gone Back to the Way It Should Be
Earth is Restored


Providing For Those That Need It.
Realizing They Need More.
Over-Analyzing Yourself.
Asking For Help.
Counting On Someone That Counts On You.
This Isn’t So Bad.
In The End It’ll Work Out 
Very Helpful. 
Enjoyment From All.


Sun Rays. The Next Energy Source.
Old People Grumble About The New Generation
Less Power Is Being Wasted
Another Few Years For The Next Generation
Really Guys. Your Grumbling Is Getting Annoying.


Total: Too Much

Another Payment To A Charity
eXemptions Come Into Play
Enter New Total. 
Sweet And Utter Bliss.

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