6 Things to Know about Old Town Nightlife

  1. There is a new nightclub called “Fusion”

Located off of Linden Street, Fusion Night Club is home to fitness dance classes during the day, and a dance club every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. This fun scene hosts their House DJ, Wool-Z every Thursday, which is also Ladies night. Wednesday nights are 18+, so if you are under 21 and looking for something fun to do on a Wednesday, this might be your scene.

2. Transfort provides a late-night bus service from Old Town

If you are out on the town and none of your friends are around to pick you up, Uber is charging 200x the rate, and RamRide is taking forever, then this Transfort bus route is for you. It is a new route that runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:30pm-2:30am. A bus runs every 15 minutes and the pick-up/drop-off area is at Mountain Avenue and Remington Street. For students, the fee is only $1.00, which seems pretty reasonable compared to most late-night service rides. The kick is that it only drops off at Downtown, Prospect, College, Elizabeth, and Laurel.

3. “Make Bondi great again” is actually a “thing”

Within the past year or so, Colorado State University students have made a great effort to “make Bondi great again.” What does this mean exactly? People have been lining up outside to get into Bondi on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The bar has “Thirsty Thursdays” from 10pm-close, which makes it a nice cheap place to start the night. Although guests were once able to dance on top of the bar, this is no longer allowed, but their dance floor sure makes up for it. Will “make Bondi great again” be an ongoing trend? Or will it soon fade out? As of right now, the trend is still thriving.

4. Get in line for Rec Room at 12am the latest

We all know of the infamous Rec Room and its reputation. People enjoy going to this underground bar and insist on ending their night there, while most of the time not remembering a thing. The line to Rec Room gets pretty rowdy and some nights customers end up waiting in line for ~30 minutes. Want to skip the dreaded line? Go in earlier. But, if you didn’t quite get there early enough and you have to wait in line, then it is best to either find friends you know already in the line (recommended) or make friends in the back of the line where you will be for a long time.

5. The peanuts at Lucky Joes are actually life saving

You’ve been drinking all night and are looking for something to soak up all that alcohol, but you have been spending all your money on drinks. What do you do? Go to Lucky Joes and grab as many peanuts out of their barrel as you can. You can eat them in the bar, on-the-go, or take them home with you. Many people wake up the next day with peanut shells or actual peanuts in their pockets/purses. It actually makes for a great snack the next day, too.

6. Yeti/Rec Room has Penny Pitchers on Mondays from 8–9pm

Because what is better than a whole pitcher of beer for 1 cent? Nothing. You could get a whole pitcher to yourself for the cheapest it may get! The bar offers a whole array of beers and you can’t go wrong with getting more than one pitcher. It is better to get in earlier before all the beer you prefer runs out. Trust me, it happens. But, these nights are dedicated to tipping the bartenders, so be nice.




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