Being authentic about your personal struggles at work creates more resilient people and teams

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In many ways, the past 12 months of my life have been pretty wonderful. I received a hard-earned promotion at work. I had opportunities to work on high impact, high visibility projects. I successfully launched a freelance writing career. I started meeting with a career coach and made huge professional development strides. It has been a good year for my career.

That being said, in many ways this year has been… difficult.

It’s been difficult for a myriad of personal reasons. I faced losses that I was ill-equipped to deal with, followed by a series of very difficult personal experiences…

Money isn’t everything. When it comes to finding a job many employees consider professional growth more important than salary and the relationship between actual pay and job satisfaction isn’t as strong as some may think. In fact, many of us consciously make trade-offs when it comes to our pay if a company is willing to invest in us, allow for flexibility, or provide other valuable benefits.

That’s all fine and good. After all, our pay is more than just our base salary and a job’s worth is greater than what you are making per hour. But here’s the deal, no…

(and a lot of companies are doing it wrong)

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Most managers and employees agree on the importance of professional development in the workplace. People who don’t find the time for professional development tend to stagnate in their careers. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we need to be challenged in order to grow. However, while many companies claim to value employee development, the stark truth is that most employers have failed to take on professional development in any meaningful way.

Workers know how much professional development matters and they notice when their employers don’t provide the tools they need. Case in point: 56% of employees consider opportunities for…

Diverse hiring and inclusive workplaces are more important than ever for businesses.

Diversity in hiring and inclusive workplaces are being increasingly discussed as key business initiatives in 2020. And while diversity is a hot topic across many sectors in America, the hospitality industry is finally recognizing that there is a major deficit in diverse leadership within.

Just last March, 350 hospitality industry leaders met to address this topic at the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Conference. The subject is gaining traction among business leaders. Managers are on board. In fact, the majority of job seekers support increased diversity in the workplace. …

Creativity, design and art are not just for those naturally disposed to creativity. Let’s combat the persistent myth that creators are born creative and that making art is unattainable without natural skill or an art degree.

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So you want to make something creative.

Perhaps you’re intrigued by watercolor painting or maybe you want to make your own inexpensive home decor; maybe you’ve just started your own business and want to design your own logo, website and branding. Don’t get discouraged before you even start. …

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