Words With Friends PC: Train Your Brain While Having a Fun Game

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Close your eyes and imagine playing Scrabble with your friends. If you’re a wordsmith in your own right, you probably want to demolish your pals in the word game. After all, that’s what friends are for, right? Now open your eyes and check out Words With Friends.

So what can you expect in Words With Friends PC? It’s a great brain-training game that builds your vocabulary. You can try it on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Words With Friends offers excellent company when you’re bored or just want to relax after a tiring day. Plus, it’s wonderful entertainment that keeps your mind sharp. For the diabolical word masters, this is the wordplay game for you.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at Words With Friends Game

Released in 2009, Words With Friends PC is a multiplayer wordplay game developed by Zynga (formerly called Newtoy). Following the gameplay in the classic board game Scrabble, players take their turns in building word

You probably want to check it against your friends, right? Well, guess what. You can do that up to 40 games simultaneously, relying on push notifications to know your turn is up.

To engage your friends, you can look them up through Facebook. Or you can just let the game randomly assign an opponent for you.

Did you know Words With Friends PC is a cross-platform game? It runs on various operating systems, which include iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In addition to Facebook, you can also try it on Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.

It also has a chat feature that you can use to connect with your playing partners. You can exchange messages with your opponents.

The game is so popular that it was among the top-ranking games in the iOS app store. There is a free ad-supported version, but you can also go for an ad-free paid version.

Due to the popularity of the first game, Zynga released a sequel to Word With Friends. In September 2017, The second game version came out.

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How to Play Words With Friends?

In this match, you start with seven randomly provided letter tiles. You will receive the same number of letter tiles as you have used during your turn. However, during the later part of the game, there may no longer be enough letter tiles for replenishment.

Just like the classic board game, players will take turns in forming words on the board. In the alternative, players can opt to add a letter tile or two to concepts already existing on the board. Or they can swap their letter tiles or take a pass if there are no possible words to create.

Forming words on the board, players can only do so either horizontally or vertically. The main goal is to score as many points as possible on every turn.

Premium Squares on the Board Game

How Does Each Game End?

First, when a player plays the letter tiles, and there are no more available letters in the pool. In this case, there may be no more word combinations to make. And second, given the limited letter tiles, the players could no longer make any word on the board.

After playing the last tile, the players will add the values of their respective remaining letter tiles. Then they will subtract that number to their points. The player who garnered the highest score (after making the corresponding deduction) wins.

Game Features

What Are the Game Features of Words With Friends PC?

Fun and Very Entertaining Play

And what better way to preoccupy your mind during your downtime than with this game. Words With Friends PC can stimulate your brain and help build your vocabulary. It keeps you sharp as you look for the best word combinations to try on the board

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Multiplayer Play Challenges

Did you know you can play up to 40 games simultaneously at any given time? The game sends push notifications. That way, you don’t have to check on your phone often to see whose turn it is. The app simply alerts you.

Passing a Game Turn

That said, it allows the players to pass their turn. All versions of the game have a “pass” feature. There is also a “resign” feature that lets players resign their turn. You can also lose a corner if you choose to swap a letter tile from the pool. Simply pick a letter tile from your fold and choose what letter you want for it.

Do you want to look up what the remaining letters in the pool are? You can do that too. However, you will lose a turn when you opt to do that.

Chat Play Feature

Random Game Opponents

In 2009, a Chicago-based woman named Megan Lawless met her future husband by the name of Jasper Jasperse. This Dutchman also lived in Chicago at that time and got to know Megan through the game. A relationship developed, and they eventually got married in July 2011.

Think You Are the Best at the Wordplay Game?


How to Play Words With Friends PC?

Placement of the Letter Tiles on the Board

For the first word thrown in the game, one of the letter tiles needs to be on the star. The next name must connect with the first word. And all following words need to share at least one letter tile from any existing word on the board.

When placing tiles on the board, you can only follow one direction: either vertically or horizontally. You can set the letter tiles in a way that multiple words can form simultaneously with the neighboring letters. So it is possible to form words horizontally or vertically with the nearby letters.

However, you must adhere to the placement rule, following a horizontal or vertical arrangement of the letter tiles. And you cannot place your letter tiles if they form illegal words (or non-words) in relation to the neighbouring letters.

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Blank Tiles

You can substitute a blank tile for any letter. So if you want to complete your desired word, this tile is perfect.

But the downside to this is that it has no point value. So what happens if that the blank tile lands on a double or triple letter score? Nothing; you get no points for it. However, you get corresponding points if it falls on a double or triple word score.

Pass, Swap, or Resign in the Play

You may pass your turn when you want to. If you do that, you will not be able to form words on the board. You will have to wait until it is your turn once again. However, when you pass your turn for three consecutive times, it will result as a loss.

Can’t find the right letter combinations to form your desired word? You can swap any letter tile that you have with the ones from the letter tile pool. But when you opt to exchange your letter tiles, you lose a turn. Hence, you will not be making any words on the board for that round.

Scoring Tile

When landing on a double or triple word score, you add up all the values of all letter tiles used. Then you multiply it by two or three accordingly.

However, you can no longer double or triple the value of the letters or words played on previous rounds. This thing means you can only enjoy once the bonuses in these premium squares.

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