ZORA’s own Morgan Jerkins in conversation with novelist Kaitlyn Greenidge

Photo treatment of a close-up photo of Morgan Jerkins against a violet-colored map of the Great Migration in the background.

Morgan Jerkins is a prophet who deals with the past. Whether it’s the uncomfortable stories of a Black suburban childhood and adolescence she describes in her debut essay collection This Will Be My Undoing, or the pieces of Black history she works to uncover in her journalism, or the forgotten…

Toni Cade Bambara’s novel on healing and activism is prescient for the present moment

Before all this started — the staying indoors and the constant cleaning and the calls about who got tested, who had it, who passed and was suddenly gone — I was afraid to go to the doctor. One of my earliest memories is running through a clinic’s waiting room, while…

When I observed a Black dancer performing the birth of Christ onstage, I thought of the overlooked and radical part of this biblical story

GGrowing up, we knew it was Christmas when we made it to Black Nativity. Boston has been running productions of Black Nativity every December for as long as I’ve been alive. At some point in November or December, my mother would pay for seats at a show—a wasted expense since…

Kaitlyn Greenidge

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