Ah I have been silent on the blog for too long. Time to kick this blog back in gear.

I want to give some major love to the blend Panaway! This beautiful bottle is packed with so much muscular support. I love to make my own “Ache Away Cream” and apply it to my body after a good work out or heck even after a day of yard work.

Panaway is a blend of Clove, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Helichrysm. It is always a good idea to dilute this bad boy because it packs a punch. You can put a few drops in a roller bottle and dilute with your favorite carrier oil or even make the cream like I do!

It is seriously SO easy to make the cream. I use about 10–15 drops of Panaway with about 5 drops of Copaiba (a great anti inflammatory oil!) with about 1/2 cup of the solid coconut oil and drop them into my mixer and whip for a couple of minutes. I then store it in a jar for quick and easy use! Boom 💥 just like that I can make my muscles feel refreshed.