DIY Eye Lash Serum

At the beginning of the year I ordered some empty mascara tubes so I could make an eye lash serum to help them grow. Why is that boys get the long luscious lashes??

Today is a happy day! 🤗 Not only is it Friday but I’ve been using my DIY lash serum for 10 days and you can already start to see the growth. I love that I know exactly what I am putting on my lashes & skin.

I will be honest, I have missed a couple nights of putting this lash serum on but love that I am getting in the habit of it!

I can’t wait to see what future days hold!


…in an empty mascara tube add

•4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

•4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

•Top mascara tube with Jojoba Oil or another carrier oil

Apply a thin layer on clean lashes at bedtime 🤗