Bloomberg pissed me off this morning.

The importance of data- based journalism grows on the every day basis. It never becomes more trivial or unimportant. Rather- in the face of a “fake news” campaign by President Trump, data- based news is some of what can actually be trusted… Right?

Obviously, when preparing an argument, a writer wants to use the data to prove their point, but who decided that argumentative, biased opinion pieces are now broadcasted as actual news? This article that showed up on my Apple news app feed this morning is a perfect example of overly opinionated “news” being solidified with facts and figures.

Bloomberg ran an article this morning entitled “Young Americans Are Killing Marriage” … Well thats super objective and without judgement to start, but the article goes on to show rather objective data of the major differences in marriage rates, living independently and education.

“It’s easy to look at these figures and say millennials are lagging behind their boomer parents. However, even as young Americans delay marriage, kids, and homeownership, they’re ahead of their parents by one measure: education.”

As a millennial, I dont think anyone can contest the fact that our parents have been overly helpful. Most of my generation has been given more opportunities than our parents were given, that’s for sure. But, and this is probably my biggest point here, why is this article faceted in a way that when you are finished reading it, you feel that the millenials as a whole are fucking up?

Yes- we live with our parents.

Yes- not all of us want to get married.

And Yes- most of us have higher educations than our parents had at our age.

Hmmmmmmmm, maybe the millenials are actually taking advantage of the advantages their parents are still providing for them while they figure out how to make their impact?

In the face of a media period that everything unbiased and actually fact based (that is maybe even coming from the millennials) is outcasted for its power and effect, we have to be careful to also see the bias and opinions in sources that our parents find to be accurate as well.

If I had written this story and turned it in as news in college, I would have failed. End of story.

The only way to combat fake news is to report the facts WITH NO BIAS. PERIOD.

As you read this, you might be thinking oh well look at the pot calling the kettle black… but this is a blog, and not Bloomberg. Sad it’s hard to tell the difference.

Read the Bloomberg article here.

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